Bipin Chandra Pal Library

Bipin Chandra Pal Library situated in the ground floor and spread over an area of about 735sq.ft, is a veritable storehouse of knowledge. Education was very dear to the heart of Bipin Pal and in sync with his thought,the Trust has built up the Library with books,periodicals,journals,newspapers and the likes for readers having diverse requirements.The reading and borrowing facilities are virtually free.Books on different disciplines to cater to the needs of students community from primary classes to under-graduate and post-graduate classes are freely available. Those who prefer leisure reading can avail both serious and non-serious books/writings,again, on various subjects.Many a times,books are added at the suggestion or request of discerning readers.Likewise,for the little ones,poetry books by well-known Poets,which are not readily available,can be found in the Library,what is more, those who want to read and know about Bipin Pal and his compatriots, their thoughts and ideas, their contribution to freedom struggle which the nation may have forgotten,will find priceless books dealing with these subjects ,in the Library.Mention may be made of books like "My Life and Time","Sattar Bachar" (Seventy Years),written by Bipin Pal himself,are kept in the Library and these books have been searched out from archive and printed by the Trust for the benefit of scholars, students of history/political thought/freedom struggle and others who are interested in this field.