Tribute to our Founder Santosh Mohan Dev

A word about the political inheritance of Santosh Mohan Deb popularly known as "Ranada" to his admirers and supporters and simply Rana to his friends and foes . No-one can forget that he imbibed many of the characteristics of his illustrious father Satindra Mohan Deb who was a soft spoken yet a fierce freedom fighter and served the citizens of Sichar in particular for about ten years after independence as their representative in Assam assembly as well as Assam Government. Santosh Mohan Deb graduated from Guru Charan College Silchar and obtained an MBA degree from Welsh College in Cardiff U.K . He used to take keen interest in sports particularly Football and later Golf. The Golf club at Noida was inaugurated by him.It is to his credit and political sagacity that he represented Silchar constituency as M.P as many as five times and twice he was elected from Tripura (West). Only a few illustrious political personalities of the country has the distinction of getting elected from more than one State. He served in Union Cabinet as Minister in different ministries including Communications, Tourism, Home Affairs & Heavy Industries (Steel). The great Rajiv Gandhi recognized his abilities and talent & entrusted him with several parliamentary responsibilities.

An avid reader , lover of songs & dramas particularly Tagore songs ,he was keenly aware that the scope for education at all levels must be widened so that there could be all round skill development in the Country. It is known to all that he was instrumental in setting up a Central University in Silchar ,Assam. It is worth remembering that he was one of those leaders who forcefully pleaded and succeeded in securing Railway Freight equalization in order to remove unequal Railway Freight charges among states and thus making the states compete with each other on a level playing filled.