About Us

Bipin Chandra Pal Memorial Trust,under the patronage of Shri Sontosh Mohan Dev,former Union Minister & Smt.Bithika Dev,former MLA(Assam) and guidance of the followers of Bipin Chandra Pal, has sought to rehabilitate Bipin Chandra Pal ,the great son of India & has constructed a Memorial Bhawan in the name of Bipin Chandra Pal at A-81, C.R. Park, N.D-19 in the year 1997.The Trust seeks to propagate the teachings of Bipin Chandra Pal by publishing well documented books & organizing seminars on his teachings. Besides,the Trust renders various charitable socio-cultural services including:

Library and reading facilities to the public at large.

Opportunity to the community to hold seminars and other cultural programmes in the Auditorium of the Memorial Bhawan.

Charitable Medical services,viz. general OPD,Physio-therapy,Dental care and Diagnostic tests .

The Trust broadly fuctions under the control and supervision of the Board of Trustees headed by the Chairperson of the Trust.The Board meets atleast once in each quarter.Effective management of the Trust rests with the Executive Trustee,who,for all purposes signs on all types of documents,represents the Trust before concerned Authorities,incurs expenditure for maintenance,renovation etc. of Trust property and directly supervises the day to day functioning of the Trust.The Treasurer Trustee is responsible for looking after Accounts,getting Annual Accounts of the Trust prepared and audited and finally taking approval of the Board.Other Trustees are given specific charge of different departments of the Trust and all of them cooperate fully with the Executive Trustee and,of course, the Chairperson.The present Board of Trustees include:

Smt. Bithika Dev Chairperson
Mr.R.D.Choudhury Executive Trustee
Dr.B.K.Bhattacharya Treasurer
Mr. Vivek Karmokar Trustee
Mr. Gautam Dhar Trustee
Mrs. Bharati Dube Trustee
Mr.Ram Prakash Trustee

Besides,the Trust renders many charitable services Library and reading facilities. Offers opportunity to the community to hold seminars and other programmes in the Memorial Hall.